Are WPUnite Themes Compatible With [INSERT ANY NAME] Plugin?

There are 1000’s of plugins and it’s impossible to test all of them. So we handle this a very simple way.

We use clean core code that’s compatible with all major plugins. If we hear of a conflict with a plugin, we work to resolve it immediately or we’ll refund you. So the answer is YES or it will be compatible this week. It has been YEARS since a legitimate plugin conflict has happened, there’s no need to be concerned.

After Latest Update My Page Editor Has Changed!

WordPress 5.0 now uses a new Gutenberg editor. I emailed customers, posted on Facebook and here’s a forum thread which covers how to get old editor back.  Socrates works perfectly with it, just install the Classic Editor Plugin to go back to old editor.

I made changes but they are not showing?

Are you using a caching plugin? It might be caching your changes.  Try purging caches or disabling your optimization plugins when you’re designing your site.  W3 Total Cache can really bork design changes.

I’m an old Socrates customer do I get Socrates 5?

Yes, just login and you’ll see Socrates 5 on the download page.  You get the same rights as your original license.  You just don’t get the bonuses we offer to Socrates 5 customers (but you can get those for just $17 from our download page)

My Login Isn’t Working

If you ordered through JVZoo or Warrior Plus they’ll redirect you to a customer area which you’ll find an “ACCESS” button to register for Socrates.  Their username and password does not work with our system. You must register separately in our system.

Your Register Form Isn’t Working

Occasionally, our registration redirects to our welcome page.  It’s a caching issue of some sort.  To complete registration, try right clicking the “access your purchase” button and opening in Incognito mode.   Or contact us and we’ll sign you up.

My Header Doesn’t Look Right?

Make sure you set the header image minimum height in Appearance > Customize > Layout and have “fit to container” set.

Why isn’t my header image mobile friendly?

The Socrates header system is designed to be mobile friendly so if it doesn’t look “right” in mobile here’s a few common reasons.

  1. You probably you didn’t set the header image height in Appearance > Customize > Layout.
  2. You might be using too much text in your header image and you need to add more padding between the border edge and the text.
  3. You might have the header image set to “stretch” vs “fit” in Appearance > Customize > Header Image
  4. You might need to adjust the header area padding in Customize > Layout

How do I create a question icon like yours?

Here’s the code:

[icon type='fa fa-question-circle fa-lg'][/icon] <strong>How do I create a question icon like yours?</strong>

Question: My Index and Archive Pages are showing full content?

We have an option to display either excerpts or full content on index.php pages.  It should be set to excerpt by default, but if not..   Goto Appearance > Customizer > Other (very bottom), and click the option box for:  Hide or Show full content instead of excerpt on index and archives

Question: My Customizer Panel isn’t displaying?

This has been reported by a few customers and it usually indicates a plugin conflict or your host is using an old version of PHP.  Try disabling any WordPress plugins you think might influence page design, and also check your version of PHP.  As a last resort you can try adding this code to the functions.php file of the theme.

remove_action('shutdown', 'wp_ob_end_flush_all', 1);

Question:  How do I change from Socrates 3 & 4 to Socrates 5

Socrates 5 is a completely new theme..  If you’re happy with 3 or 4 you don’t have to switch right away, but if you do want to jump in, there are just a few things you should do first.

  1. Save your current header image to your desktop
  2. Copy any ad codes you have in Socrates > Monetization settings

You don’t need to delete your old install, so if you wish you can reactivate it instantly.   But once you activate Socrates 5 and the Toolkit plugin you’d go to Appearance > Customizer and upload your header.  Then in the Socrates Toolkit monetization you can replace your ads.

It’s also important to reset your navigation menus and widgets.

It sounds like a lot, but it really can be done in 1-2 minutes.  See Video.

Question: What happened to this functionality and that functionality?

Socrates 5 was built based on how 95% of current Socrates customers use the theme, but with an emphasis on speed and mobile responsiveness.

The bloat of sliders, custom features and animations which only a small percentage of customers actually used has been removed. However, I’ll be creating tutorials and shortcodes that show how to recreate lots of custom looks and designs using plugins.

For example if you already have a slider plugin you can just pop the slider code into our Top Banner Widget feature.

Our Socrates Toolkit plugin replaces most of our old functionality.

Question: Do you use the Toolkit Plugin for this Member Site?

We do not run our member area with our Toolkit Plugin, we’ve been running on Wishlist Member for eight years and with 20,000 users and multiple levels we’ll continue to do so. Our toolkit plugin is specifically designed for “simple membership sites”. This isn’t one of them.

How do I make a sticky header, element or menu?

This is an awesome plugin. You just add the Div ID or Class you want to stick and it sticks to the top of the browser on scroll.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, we pay 50% commissions.. but it is for members only. Login and click on “Affiliate Area” in our sidebar.

How do I sort posts using the Soc Posts shortcode

More info soon, but default WP parameters work.  See Here

How do I  import/export customizer options?

This plugin is fantastic and free for exporting customizer options.