While we have videos on YouTube, Facebook and our blogs. I’m building out and organizing video links here.. I’ll improve this page on an ongoing basis.

Start Here – Socrates Theme Upload, Activate & Customize
Here’s a good video to get started with Socrates. You’ll learn how to upload, activate and use the customizer options.

Socrates Theme – Very Basic Initial Setup
Here’s another video that will cover some basics of setting up your first Socrates site. Adding menus, changing headers, colors, using columns and button shortcodes etc.

Socrates Theme – Introduction
Discover why the Socrates Theme has been used on over 200,000 sites.

Socrates Theme December 2018 Updates
Here’s an overview of the December theme and plugin updates.. A couple new shortcodes, a new feature that allows you to add “related posts” via a new bottom …

Socrates 5.02 Update Overview
A short demo of some new Socrates features in the 5.02 update including parallax hero shortcodes, testimonial shortcodes, new full width section template and right side navigation.

Socrates Update – Membership Site Features
Here’s a demo of all the new features in Socrates update. You can protect download pages, create membership sites, hide from search and more.

Socrates Theme – Woocommerce Compatibility
Here’s a 6 minute video showing how great Woocommerce looks and works with the Socrates Theme

Socrates Theme – Header Generator
Here’s a demo and tutorial on the Socrates Theme Header and Banner Generator

Build a Simple Marketing Funnel in WordPress Fast
I’ll show you how to create a simple clean funnel using the Socrates WordPress Theme’s landing page template and a few free plugins.

Socrates, Page Templates Overview
Learn how to use the Socrates Theme page templates, such as full width, landing page, home sections, page builders or blank slate template, left sidebar, plain white, member templates.

The THREE Minute Membership Site
I wanted to make a short video to show just how easy it is to make membership sites and protect download pages using the Socrates Toolkit Plugin..

Socrates Theme – Landing Page Template
This is a demo of the Socrates landing page template that you can use to create quick landing pages, thank you pages, etc

How to install BBPress Forum on Socrates Theme
Here’s how to install a BBPress wordpress forum on the Socrates Theme. We also show buddypress installation as well.

Socrates Toolkit Plugin Demo
Here’s a demo version of the Socrates Toolkit Plugin.

Socrates Theme & Brizy Free Page Builder Plugin
I had a customer ask me about compatibility with Brizy Page Builder and I actually really like this page builder plugin. In this very quick, unprepared, unsc…

Socrates Theme Masonry Template
Here’s a quick tutorial on setting up the Socrates Theme masonry template.

Socrates Theme Upgrade Tips
Here’s some tips on how to upgrade from 3.0 and 4.0.. to Version 5.

Socrates Theme & The WP Gutenberg Editor
Here’s an overview video of the new Gutenberg Editor, how to disable it with the Classic Editor plugin, how to use it and my initial impressions of the block…


How To Create Simple 3-5 Page Niche Websites
I had a customer using Divi for their financial services website. They asked me to convert to Speaker Theme when I told them I could easily duplicate the look using Speaker. Here’s how.

Speaker WordPress Theme
Here’s a first look at the speaker theme built on the Socrates framework. It lets you easily create a speaker or consultant theme without a fancy page builder…


How To Use Additional CSS
A few simple tips on getting started using Additional CSS to customize your wordpress site. You’ll learn a great web design trick and how to create custom css per page or per post in WordPress.

Improve PageSpeed Scores – Socrates Theme
Improve your wordpress page speed score with two free plugins and some minor file modifications. This tutorial is for the Socrates Theme, but these tips can …

Beaver Builder Compatible Theme – Socrates
I had some customers ask about using Beaver Builder with Socrates and it works great with our Page Builders and Sections template.

Socrates HTML Landing Page Template
Here’s a great new Socrates customer benefit now available in our members area. It’s an HTML landing page template that you can use to create quick HTML land…

How to set a home page in WordPress
Short video on how to easily set or change your home page and blog posts page in WordPress.

How to add a responsive video to WordPress
Adding a Youtube or Vimeo video is easy in the latest version of WordPress. This quick tutorial will show you two ways to easily add videos. They will be ful…

WordPress Menus 101 – Socrates Theme
How to set up wordpress menus in Socrates or any wordpress theme. This is a comprehensive overview and includes how to open links in new windows, add nofollow and more…

Web Hosting – How to Switch Web hosts fast
Here’s a short video with some tips on switching webhosts. If you want to use my link it would be appreciated.

How To Add Call To Action Banner Widgets
Learn how to use Socrates Theme’s Top and Bottom banner widgets with “visibility” to add custom call to actions or mastheads on any page, post category , tag…

Create Landing Page with Time Delay Order Button
Have you ever wanted to create simple video landing pages with time delay call to action buttons? For example: ~ You’ve got a sales video and want the order …

How to reduce customer support time
Here’s a generic video I made which anyone can use for any online product to help customers solve problems faster and to help product owners reduce their sup…

WordPress Installation – Really Fast Tutorial – Watch First
In this fast paced video I’ll set up a complete website using WordPress in under 7 minutes. I’ll also install WordPress install via and install a premium the…

How To Add A Slider To WordPress
Here’s how to easily add a slider to any page in Socrates or Speaker Theme using our Top Banner Widget with visibility.