A lot to cover here.. more coming, but here are all shortcodes in our Toolkit Menu and a few others..

You can insert these using the Orange Omega Icon in your Editor Menu (Classic Mode) or copy and paste from here as well.

Put cursor inside of box and you’ll see a “raw code” icon.. copy from that popup.

Buttons - Multiple Colors and Sizes
[soc_button color='blue' size='small' href='#' target='new' align='left' rel='']Button[/soc_button]

Button - Open in same window
[soc_button color='blue' size='small' href='#' align='left' rel='']Button[/soc_button]

Panels  - Multiple Colors
[soc_panel color="blue"]Text in panel[/soc_panel]

Columns 1/2  
[soc_one_half] content [/soc_one_half][soc_one_half class='last'] content [/soc_one_half]

Columns 1/3  
[soc_one_third] content [/soc_one_third][soc_one_third ] content [/soc_one_third][soc_one_third class='last'] content [/soc_one_third]

Columns 2/3 1/3 or 1/3 2/3
[soc_two_third] content [/soc_two_third][soc_one_third class='last'] content [/soc_one_third]

[soc_one_third] content [/soc_one_third][soc_two_third class='last'] content [/soc_two_third]

Columns 1/4
[soc_one_fourth] content [/soc_one_fourth][soc_one_fourth] content [/soc_one_fourth][soc_one_fourth] content [/soc_one_fourth][soc_one_fourth class='last'] content [/soc_one_fourth]

Columns 3/4 1/4
[soc_three_fourth] content [/soc_three_fourth][soc_one_fourth class='last'] content [/soc_one_fourth]

Columns 1/4 3/4 
[soc_one_fourth] content [/soc_one_fourth][soc_three_fourth class='last'] content [/soc_three_fourth]

Columns 1/5
[soc_one_fifth] content [/soc_one_fifth][soc_one_fifth] content [/soc_one_fifth][soc_one_fifth] content [/soc_one_fifth][soc_one_fifth] content [/soc_one_fifth][soc_one_fifth class='last'] content [/soc_one_fifth]

Protection Shortcodes
[soc_member]Content for members - See Documentation for more options.[/soc_member]
[soc_visitor]Content for visitors[/soc_visitor]

Testimonial Shortcode
[soc_testimonial image="SMALL_IMAGE_URL_TEXT_MODE" name="John Doe" maxwidth="500" stars="5"]Testimonial content[/soc_testimonial]

Headline Shortcode
[soc_headline color="#000" font_size="40" font_size_tablet="30" font_size_phone="20" shadow="0" align="center" margin_top="25" margin_bottom="25"]Heading text[/soc_headline]

Parallax Hero Banner
[soc_hero_banner parallax="1" height="auto" min_height="0" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="25" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" padding_top="25" padding_bottom="25" padding_left="25" padding_right="25" bgimage="INSERT_URL_HERE"]Banner text[/soc_hero_banner]

Full Section Code (use home section template)
[soc_full_section bgcolor="#f4f4f4" textcolor="#444" bgimage="IMAGE_URL_TEXT_MODE" parallax="1" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0" margin_left="0" margin_right="0" padding_top="25" padding_bottom="25" padding_left="0" padding_right="0"]Section content[/soc_full_section]

[soc_tabs][soc_tab title="Tab title"]Tab Content[/soc_tab][soc_tab title="Tab title"]Tab Content[/soc_tab][/soc_tabs]

[soc_toggles][soc_toggle title="Toggle title"]Toggle Content[/soc_toggle][soc_toggle title="Toggle title"]Toggle Content[/soc_toggle][/soc_toggles]

Posts Code  - See Bottom of Page For Help

[soc_posts columns="1" num_posts="4" style="1" date_meta="0"]
[soc_posts columns="1" num_posts="4" style="1" date_meta="1" related="true" thumbnail_size="thumbnail" excerpt_length="20" ] 
[soc_posts columns="1" num_posts="4" style="1" cat_id="3" date_meta="1" thumbnail_size="thumbnail" excerpt_length="" ] 

Timer (reveal at end of time)
[soc_timer seconds="5"]Content[/soc_timer]

User Agent Display 
[soc_show browser="browser-chrome"]Show Chrome Content Only[/soc_show] [soc_hide browser="browser-edge"]Hide This Content In Edge Browsers[/soc_hide]

Info Box
[soc_info_box image="IMAGE_URL" button_url="BUTTON_URL" button_text="Read More" max_width="300px"]Main content for the info box[/soc_info_box]

[soc_timeline][soc_timeline_item date="July 1st, 2018" title="The title"]This is the content[/soc_timeline_item][soc_timeline_item date="July 1st, 2018" title="The title"]This is the content[/soc_timeline_item][/soc_timeline]

Accordion Menu
Requires Menu ID
[soc_accordion_menu menu="NUMERIC_ID"]

Menu In Post 
Requires menu name
[soc_menu name="EnterMenuNameHere"]

Login Form
[soc_login_form redirect="FULL_URL"][soc_member]You are already logged in.[/soc_member]

Register Form
[soc_register_form redirect="FULL_URL"][soc_member]You are already registered.[/soc_member]

Alignment - Works for most shortcodes. You can add max-width values as well.
[soc_align align="center"] you can align left, center and right [/soc_align]
[soc_align align="left" max_width="70%"] you can align left, center and right [/soc_align]
[soc_align align="right" max_width="700px"] you can align left, center and right [/soc_align]

Big Search Form - Works great in top banner widget inside a section shortcode.
[soc_big_search margin_bottom="50" margin_top="50"]

Last Modified
Use [soc_last_modified] or any format [soc_last_modified format="Y-m-d"]
Div Elements - Make custom divs or spans using shortcodes.
[soc_element tag="div" class="my-class" id="my-id"]Use this code to make custom div or span classes using shortcodes and your own custom css[/soc_element]



How to use the Browser shortcodes

The Socrates Toolkit plugin now has hide show browser shortcodes. It adds a user agent to the body class.

User Agents

Example Codes

[soc_show browser="browser-chrome"]You're a Chrome User[/soc_show]
[soc_hide browser="browser-chrome"] You're NOT A Chrome User[/soc_hide]
[soc_show browser="browser-edge"] You're Using Edge[/soc_show]

Soc Posts ShortCode Additional Info

date_meta 0=hide 1=show
style=1 is left thumbnail
style=2 is above image
related is related categories/tags

Columns supports 1,2,3,4,5
You can also use order and orderby with these values.
thumb, date_meta and excerpt display by default, if the value 0 is added they are gone
post_id and cat_id support multiple values separated by commas.

If you want to add your own custom CSS to the boxes you can use this for css.

.soc-posts-style-1 .soc-post { }
.soc-posts-style-2 .soc-post { }