Hosting Google Fonts Locally for GDPR Compliance

We’ve had a couple questions  about GDPR compliance for Google Fonts.

If you’re not aware, German Courts recently ruled that using Google Fonts violates GDPR.

So if your site has visitors from the EU and you wish to use Google Fonts you should either.

1. Use Google Fonts Locally
2. Have a really strong cookie notice and GDPR policy that visitors confirm
3. Use websafe default fonts like Georgia, Arial, Sans Serif etc..

As many of us like to use Google Fonts, there is a fairly easy way to host them locally in our themes.

And that’s by installing the OMGF Plugin and following their setup instructions.

It is compatible with our themes and just takes a few clicks (and no custom code) to be active.

You can also opt to “pre-load” the fonts as well.

Here’s what the OMGF plugin does.

  1.  Scans your site to locate the Google Fonts you’re using
  2.  Uploads copies of those fonts to your Uploads folder
  3.  Rewrites your stylesheets to load those fonts locally.
  4.  That’s it.  Flush your cache, reload your site and view source to see changes.


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    I just uploaded the plugin when I read about people in EU having issues with Google Fonts. I had just selected a Google font when I changed my theme from Socrates to Acme, both of which are awesome!

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